7 reasons why local SEO should be more important for your business

why local SEO

Local SEO is a highly effective form of online marketing. It allows businesses to promote their services to the local customers in a timely manner. Millions of customers are in search of local services, for which they use search engines and classified websites. Local SEO is done using reputed search engines like Google, Bing and business directories such as Yelp, TouchLocal etc. Local SEO removes the guess work of local marketing and reaches the targeted audience without much effort. It reaches local customers, especially when they are searching for something and ready to buy it.

The customers who search on the internet are not virtual, but real customers who are actually interested in your products and services. Many large and small companies have invested in local SEO services with the purpose of continuous improvement in their business goals. Below are the top 7 reasons why local SEO should be more important for your business.

  1. It can do wonders

Local SEO can take your business to next level in a short span of time. The local SEO techniques have remained sound enough to attract new customers, even though the data from Google was pulled fairly.  One can verify this from the case studies post-Hummingbird. Based on the case studies, I can say that you will be rewarded high position on search engines, as long as you focus on optimal user experience.

Local SEO helps in driving huge traffic to your website and provides better conversion rates. You can convert 5 out of 10 leads in to your potential customers by using local SEO.

  1. It is affordable

SEO services are a bit expensive, especially when you are choosing comprehensive SEO solutions. Whether it is PPC advertising, link building, social media marketing or content marketing, you need to spend good amount of money. Your local SEO will provide cost effective solutions and will remain the bedrock of your online presence. Local SEO provides a fairly good ROI compared to other SEO strategies.

Local SEO can help you know about your competitors without spending much. You can directly interact with website owners and initiate new business ideas for better profit.

  1. To stay ahead of competitors

SEO is a never ending process. Due to this more and more companies are investing in SEO to enhance the visibility of their website on local search engine results. Your competitors might also be using local SEO to drive huge number of target audience to their website.

In that case, you would be lagging behind and losing ground to a competitor. In the world of online business, if you do not move forward and strive constantly to improve your position – you will stay behind your competitors. Invest in Local SEO today and don’t let your competitors overtake you.

  1. To attract new customers

If you want to develop your business, you should not only serve the existing customers very well – but attract new customers. You cannot take your business to the next level by serving the existing customers. Local SEO help you attract new customers. Customers are always skeptical about the company that is located far away from their place.

However, if the same customer identifies your company as the one in his/her locality, he will surely think of your company. Getting positive reviews from local customers will likely to bring new customers. By mentioning the postal address and contact details correctly, you can generate impressive local SEO results.

  1. Leverage the advantages of social media

Today, millions of people are using social media to know about any particular product or service. Social media and local SEO is a right combination for businesses. Local SEO strategies are quite similar to social media. If you want the local SEO to work on social channels, you should improve the buzz and tap local publicity.

Local customers can be reached effectively with a blend of social media posts along with local SEO for better visibility. People are likely to use social networking sites to search anything. If your business is shown on any social media site, it will help you get more customers. This is the reason why local SEO is very important for your business.

  1. Have better relationship with customers

Every business has a different vision. Whatever is the business you are doing, the most common vision for all business owners is to maintain good relationship with their customers. Customers are very important for every business and you can gain over you competitors by having better relationship with your customers. Using Local SEO, you can personalize a product portfolio for a regular customer and give him an extra comfort of shopping with your business.

Employing local SEO and keeping the local customer hooked is of great importance. This will help you a lot when you launch a new product or service. You can appeal to your long term customers with ease and persuade them to buy signature products. This way you can save a lot on marketing and need not to spend even a penny on marketing.

  1. To help in business extension and create your brand

As we all know, a business website is a virtual office and you have to make it easier for users to interact with your business. You can ask your customers to review your products and services. It is a common tendency that people look for other people’s reviews on the internet before choosing a new product or service. You can have a ‘Suggestions’ section where users can give ideas that help you improve your products and/or services.

As local SEO is targeting the people in the area where your business is established, you are likely to receive positive response from new customers too. That’s why local SEO is very important. This way you can create a unique brand identity and extend your business without much effort.

Using local SEO has become very important in today’s competitive world. Local SEO tend to remains as one of the important components of online presence and branding efforts.   Your business must need a proper SEO strategy, if you want to succeed.


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