10 SEO & Content Marketing predictions for success in 2017

SEO & content marketing predictions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to attract visitors to your website. Today, Internet is used by millions of people across the globe. People often use Google, Yahoo and Bing to search for relevant information or buy any product/service.

SEO & content marketing are the two best strategies that play a very important role in enhancing the visibility of your website and driving quality traffic. It might be hard to believe, but you will understand its significance if you start suing it.

SEO & content marketing are loved a lot by SEO experts, as they help business owners get better return on investment and earn huge profits.

However, SEO and content marketing strategies are ever-changing, and one should stay updated with the current trends. SEO & content marketing is going to be far challenging in 2017 than today.

In this post, I will explain the top 10 SEO & content marketing predictions for success in 2017. It’s a good idea to have a look at these predictions to understand where we are likely to head in the year 2017.

  1. Mobile is going to be the future, and mobile searches will surpass desktop searches

We see a great increase in usage of smartphones these days. Today, mobile search reached the tip point. This is the stage where majority of organic clicks and paid traffic come from smart devices, instead of desktops and laptops.

This means small and big companies need to optimize their website not only for desktops, but also for smartphones and tablets.  The main aim of this is to enhance the user experience of mobile users. Organizations must give thought of using mobile marketing, mobile advertising, mobile coupons and mobile search marketing.

Mobile search will have a great impact on local businesses, especially for cafes, hotels, restaurants etc. Hence, businesses should ensure they have implemented a wide range of SEO services even on mobile responsive websites.

  1. SEO apps will be going to take big step in future

SEO experts argue that in-app SEO has taken a big step forward. Google is offering an app streaming functionality that allow users to stream in-app content without the need of downloading apps to their devices. Users prefer app-based experience more, which means we can expect to see the end of 5-10 percent websites.

Besides deep link indexing, Google is going to expand the in-app function by providing search features for apps, and app users with App streaming. Because of this, app developers may soon start focusing on search engine friendly content; exclusively in-app. Google might also boost several types of apps to start phasing web-based content.  To take advantage of this SEO prediction, companies should create an app that can deliver content on mobile directly from website.

  1. Video content will dominate written content

Today, we believe – “CONTENT IS THE KING”. Written content is considered the standard and many experts insist on including different formats of content. At present, written content is a baseline for many brands – with images, videos, infographics and other mediums serving as peripheral additions.

In 2017, written content will be dominated by video content in terms of – engagement, reach, effectiveness and overall ROI. Many new video apps may launch in 2017, setting user expectations move towards visual content. However, the results are not yet proved. Google is experimenting in this regard with video ads in all search results to know its impact on users.

However, we have to wait and see if video content will really outpace written content or not.

  1. Social content will be indexed readily

We all know that there is an increasing demand of social networking sites. Content that is published on social networking sites go viral and reach millions of people within hours. Social posts are going to carry a significant value in comparison to any independent webpage.

When you search a news item on Google, you will be amazed to see the search results containing one or two tweets. From this, we can say social content is indexed readily and will dominate websites in 2017.   If we see from SEO perspective, we can say that the separation between social content and web content is going to blur in future.

  1. There will be a significant gap between good content and extraordinary content

Numerous studies showed that content of exceptional quality is more valuable than any other thing. According to search engines – content that fail to generate inbound links and shares is completely useless. In this regard, Google made a few modifications and refined its guidelines in terms of search quality rating. As a result of this – original, informative and top quality content is considered trustworthy.

Competition in content marketing industry is becoming more furious, and by 2017, the gap between good and extraordinary content will widen.  If you are in content marketing industry, you should start focusing on developing original and informative content of extraordinary standards, so that you do not lag behind your competitors.

  1. Major changes to Google search engine page ranking

We have seen many minor and major changes to Google algorithm in 2016. Whether it is Penguin 4.0 algorithm update or creating separate mobile index, Google made some noticeable changes that had a significant impact on SEO.   Google has been experimenting with some changes to the search engine results page to create better user experience.

The changes can either be in terms of decreasing the left container width to display long page titles or adding brand names to the end of titles on search engine page ranking.  In order to rank high on search engine results, companies have to be more competitive than ever before. The best thing SEO experts can do is to make use of the best SEO tools and stay updated with the Google algorithm in 2017.

  1. Content marketing will dominate traditional advertising

We have already seen that more and more people are driven towards informative and original content. Companies are spending more on content marketing than traditional forms of advertising. This is going to continue in 2017, where more and more companies invest in content marketing. It can be in the form of promotional content, blogs, articles or eBooks, content marketing will be going to generate leads.

The main reason behind increasing demand of content marketing is its cost-effectiveness and proven results. There is a massive rise in interest in content marketing from different brands only for the reason that it works well compared to traditional advertising.

However, we can expect content marketing strategies to be synchronized with traditional advertising for success in 2017.

  1. Consistent engagement in content will yield better returns

Consistent engagement in content is going to yield better returns in the year 2017. More and more businesses are realizing the value of a well-developed content marketing strategy. Due to this competition between content marketers is increasing. One of the best ways to stay ahead of competitors in 2017 is to engage with the content consistently.

Producing high quality content will help companies establish themselves as leaders in the industry. Moreover, it will have a direct influence on the way people think about your business. Consistent engagement in content means more credibility and higher returns.

According to the recent survey made by content marketing institute, more than 80% of organizations depend on content marketing for brand building. From this, we can say that consistent engagement in content will give you success in 2017.

  1. Artificial intelligence will be going to change SEO faster

Today, everyone is aware of RankBrain, the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that is supposed to be the latest and greatest of all Google algorithms. However, many of us are not realizing how fast SEO industry is changing. Companies use Artificial Intelligence in SEO to know what users actually want to find. This is done by analyzing the search results, clicks, queries that occur every day.

The goal of artificial intelligence tools is tied towards the overall growth of Google and Bing.  Artificial intelligence is likely to grow in future and hence, companies should start learning how AI works and what we can expect when AI works together with SEO.

Search engines will no longer work with one algorithm. There are hundreds of algorithms and RankBrain determines which combination to use for any given query.

  1. PPC will be more important in 2017 than ever

We all know that Google made some major changes to Google Adwords in 2016. Text ads were made longer, besides the ads in the right hand column of search results. Moreover, mobile and desktop ads are being handled separately with fewer organic results in SERPs.

Today, PPC is the only method that really finds out what keywords are entered by the user for making query. Because of continued improvement for Google Adwords, you should include some budget for PPC, if you want to see success in 2017.

Some of the above suggestions have been using for a while, and predicting them for 2017 is not a great forecast. However, the above suggestions are unquestionable and will be of great value to SEO experts as we move into 2017.

These are the top 10 SEO and content marketing predictions for success in 2017. One thing is for certain – SEO and content marketing will continue to grow and amaze online marketing minds.

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  1. Awesome prediction. SEO Apps exciting to hear. In addition to your list I predict virtual marketing will take a huge leap.

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