Google launched new testing tool to fix errors in AMP markup code


Google launched a new testing tool for Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) that helps you analyze the AMP page with real Googlebot. This tool tests the validity of AMP markup and structured data on AMP, so that results can be done in real time. Users will be able to click on the issues (if found any) and see them. Based on the test results, the line in the source-code is highlighted, showing you the exact location of error.

This is in fact an update of Google’s existing AMP testing tool with some notable changes. The new AMP testing tool help you find out exact errors that are preventing the page from being AMP friendly. Not only this, you will also know how many instances of error appear on the webpage.

If you are running a small business, you must check out the new AMP testing tool in Google Search Console. Google already offered a variety of tools for site designers, developers, webmasters and technical users. This new technical tool is meant especially for business owners who may not know how to test their website. This new tool is highly beneficial for business owners to fix lagging websites.

Google’s new AMP tool is simple for anyone to use. You don’t have to be technical or know everything about search engine algorithms.  All you need to do is type in your website address and you will get score of your website. You will get a detailed report with necessary suggestions on things you need to fix.

This transition is going to take place when Google is focused on building mobile index. Google has invested a lot in new technologies like AMP that help webpages load faster on mobile devices and consume less data. Google too need to do everything to make sure mobile web is as beneficial as desktop web. Users shift to different devices and use variety of apps these days, and it is must to try everything to dominate those apps.

What changes you can expect?

The new AMP testing tool made a few notable changes, based on which Google points out the errors that prevent the page from being AMP friendly. The screen displays drop-down button, immediately next to the error. This button indicates exact lines of error codes, so that the users need not have to do any guess work determining the errors.  The changes also include a mobile friendly design that analyzes liver versions of pages with Googlebot.

Google launched this new testing tool not only to help website owners, but streamline search engine results with high quality websites that are fully functional, accessible and performant.

This tool is available and you can use it effortlessly, even if you are not signed into Google account.

Let’s see how this tool will benefit users. Leave your comments on what you think about this tool!


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