SEO Consultation

Are you in search of stress free SEO consulting services for your business? Are you in need of a reliable SEO Consultant to help tackle a specific problem or clarify some questions? Do you want to improve your website search engine presence?

If yes, you have come to the right place. I help people create or revise their SEO plan, implement it and monitor results.

My name is Akash Srivastava. I am an experienced SEO Consultant from India who offers innovative SEO solutions to small,  mid and large-sized companies across different countries of the world. You can have me for the consult only or to do everything. 

SEO Consultant

What is SEO Consultation?

SEO consulting services are meant to give your website a competitive advantage in search engine results. Many small and large companies rely on SEO consulting services to promote their products, services and campaigns.

Today, more and more companies are realizing the importance of SEO. If you haven’t started yet, it’s time to integrate SEO into your marketing strategy. SEO consultation is all about creating a perfect marketing plan that is focused on attracting targeted audience and converting them to customers.

Millions of websites are created daily and only a few reach the first page of Google search engine results. Many companies have embraced SEO technology. But, businesses will not be able to gain good results if they don’t know how to use SEO effectively.  Some are still lagging behind and struggling to keep up with the latest SEO trends.

This is where SEO consulting services come into play and help companies clarify their doubts or tackle a specific problem in terms of SEO.

How can SEO consultation improve your business?

We all know – SEO ensures that the site is accessible to more viewers. If you want huge traffic to flow towards your website, you should hire an experienced freelance SEO consultant to control your website. Go through the below points to know how SEO consultants can help your business grow-

  • Increases versatility of your website by making it easier to navigate for search engines. SEO consultant help you change the architecture of your website and make it easier for search engine to crawl across the web pages.
  • SEO consulting services help you promote your local business to those people looking for products and services that you are providing.
  • You will get a fresh perspective of your SEO campaign to improve the search appearance of your website.
  • An SEO consultant will monitor the performance of your website and will help you achieve your business goals

SEO Consulting Services

Why should you hire me?

Well, the answer to this question is simple. I am well aware of current SEO trends and I can think out of the box to do SEO in a unique way. I work with a different mindset. If I can’t help you make money, I won’t waste your time and money.

When couldn’t a website be found on search engines, what is it for? There are many ways to promote a website. However, many users turn to Google to find products, services and related information. If you want to have a search presence, you should hire an experienced SEO consultant like me. Here is why you should hire me –

  • I have 6+ years of experience.
  • I use established, proven & white hat SEO techniques.
  • I am an honest, reliable and hard working person.
  • I have worked with hundreds of businesses, domains and industries over the world.
  • I am a search junkie and love to experiment new techniques.
  • I don’t use unprofessional SEO tactics that are shunned by search engines.
  • Hiring me is more cost effective than doing it yourself.
  • I always follow Google’s best practices.
  • I am Google Analytics certified.

I take time to understand your business requirements and make recommendations based on that. I can clarify all your doubts related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and help you improve the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

If you are looking for more information on SEO services or want some free advice on what could be done to improve the SEO of your website, set up a consultation with me.

When you approach me, I will first check if I can be of any help to you. If I can help, I will provide SEO consulting services for your website, and provide tips and suggestions to enhance the overall SEO experience and if I can’t, I will let you know the same.


What can I do for you?

As a leader in SEO, I pride myself on driving traffic to your website, measuring its effectiveness, converting visitors to leads and generate best ROI. I can do consulting, on-page SEO and off-page SEO for you, that include following things, but not limited to  –

  • I can offer Full-fledged SEO consulting services.
  • I can clarify all your doubts related to SEO.
  • I can provide a detailed report on areas of improvement.
  • I can get you more traffic.
  • I can increase conversion rate.
  • I can do Keyword Research for your website and can get you long tail useful keywords. I also take care of user intent.
  • I can provide keyword report to enhance search engine opportunities.
  • I can optimize your website (title, image ALT, meta, sitemap, webmaster tools, google analytics, backlink analysis etc).
  • I can do in-depth SEO Audit of your website and can provide you useful recommendations.
  • I can perfectly plan SEO strategies that fit into your budget.
  • I can improve search engine rankings.
  • I can improve your website loading time by using strong DNS, database optimization, CDN etc.
  • I can improve your website’s SERP click-through-rates (CTR) by optimizing meta titles and descriptions.
  • I can migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPS with no loss in rankings.
  • I can help you with images ranking.
  • I can help you create an SEO friendly website.
  • I can create natural and powerful links for your website.
  • I can help you choose the right domain name for your website.
  • I can find out the broken links and fix them.
  • I can save your website from negative or blackhat SEO.
  • I can do in-depth backlink analysis and disavow bad links.
  • I can provide pre-website design suggestions.
  • I can provide pre-launch website suggestions.
  • I can provide post-launch website suggestions.
  • I can use SEO tools effectively to interpret data and explain their significance.
  • I can improve the existing web content in terms of readability and originality.
  • I can help you make the content informative and engage the readers till the end.
  • I can solve your technical SEO problems i.e. robots blocking, crawl errors, server connectivity, 404s etc.

I will be there till your SEO campaign gives fruitful results! Hire me as your freelance SEO consultant today, if you want to clear all your SEO doubts and need suggestions to improve the quality of your SEO campaign.

Ultimately, I can help you generate huge traffic and turn them into leads, and eventually convert those leads into sales. I do not make SEO guarantees for keyword ranking. I only guarantee that I will do everything that I say with no compromise in quality to get you more traffic and sales.


I offer Free SEO Consultation for 30 minutes and after that, I charge $25 per hour for SEO consultation and services.  

Time DurationPricing (USD)Pricing (INR)
30 MinutesFREEFREE
60 Minutes$25₹1,500

My Process


You send me a request for Consultation. As I receive the request, I schedule the consultation via


I check your website and try to understand your challenge. Then we discuss, you tell me your questions and I answer them. I try to answer all questions.


Based on the consultation, you may request full website analysis or audit or create a perfect plan etc. I do this and send you reports.


Based on audit / analysis / plan, you may choose to go with me to implement the plan. I will implement it and monitor everything.

Analysis & consultation

Reports generated

Clients served

Satisfaction guaranteed


WhatClients Say

  • Akash was a pleasure to work with. The project was completed in a timely manner and the work exceeded my expectations. I found him Specialist in Keywords Research.

    Online Marketing Specialist, Sentient Jet LLC
  • Akash was a very honest person and he was very good at his work. He did good job. 100% recommended, excellent to work with.

    Project Manager, DoSomeMarketing
  • Prompt to respond and achieved what we requested within our budget. So we recommend Akash for Google Maps Optimization. He fixed and optimized our 50+ locations for better ranking.

    Director of Franchise Support, Help at Home Franchise Service LLC
  • Great to work with,…..very fast and proactive. Will continue working with Akash on different projects.

    Owner, Social Traction